Press release: Rebranding gives children's clothing brand GYMP new vibe

Desselgem, 27 August 2019

With a new logo, a rebranding and a more active approach on social media for its children’s clothing brand GYMP, the Anckaert family shows that it is possible for a family business to acquire its own place in the increasingly global retail sector.

An established name for many years

Anckaert Confectie has been a household name in the Belgian fashion landscape for decades. Grown out of a one-man embroidery company, the brothers and sister Anckaert from Desselgem (Waregem) kept the children’s brand Anne K above the baptismal font in the 1980s. This was successfully replaced in 2000 by GYMP, which until recently stood for their names Geert, Jo, Marianne and Pol.
Over the years, GYMP has grown into a valuable Belgian children’s clothing brand.
With an team of around twenty employees in Waregem and its own workshops in Tunisia, GYMP has built up a good customer portfolio in recent years. GYMP, specialised in baby and party clothing for children from 0 to 14 years old, is now distributed in more than 400 boutiques and specialty shops all over Europe.

New radiant identity

In the highly competitive fashion world, GYMP succeeds in further developing its own identity and market position. This identity is now embodied in a new corporate identity. From now on, GYMP stands for Gorgeous Young Misters and Princesses, a brand that more than ever focuses on children.
GYMP designs timeless baby suits, high-quality children’s clothing
and stylish outfits that make every child sparkle like princes and princesses. For GYMP, it’s party time every day; that’s why the crown has been incorporated in a playful way into the new GYMP logo.
The new corporate identity was very much appreciated by the brand’s distributors, who were already introduced to it in January at the presentation of the new Winter 2019 collection.
With, among other things, a rebranding of its stores, redesigned website and a launch campaign, the new dynamic is now also being released to the general public. In recent months, GYMP has seen the emergence of a flourishing community around the brand, which also has to do with a much more active approach to social media. The number of likes on its Facebook page is growing steadily and also on Instagram.
in a short period of time, a loyal fan base emerged.

Fresh energy

It shows that GYMP is resilient and future proof. The brand therefore has a positive outlook for the future.
“This new approach, supported by the marketing strategy agency Mex United in Kortrijk, gives us fresh energy to continue to claim our unique position in the world of children’s clothing in the coming years. It gives us the courage to conclude that even as a modest West Flemish entrepreneurial family, you can develop a long-term project in a fluctuating market”, concludes Geert Anckaert, CEO of Anckaert Confectie.

More info:

• Anckaert Confectie nv, Waregemstraat 14, 8792 Desselgem, +32 56 713059
• Chris Dolmans, business development manager, business@gymp.be