The ideal kids outfit in the eyes of mom and dad? It’s timeless, can handle a bump and is comfortable to wear. For the kids themselves, their clothes have to be beautiful. Can you recognise them? The latest GYMP kids collection makes everyone happy! Because in our GYMP collection every child feels like a cool Mister or an elegant Princess. These will probably be their favourite outfits! Buying GYMP means buying quality.

About GYMP

We, the Anckaert family, have been active in textiles for more than fifty years. From Desselgem, grandma Anckaert’s embroidery business grew into the GYMP brand, which has become a fixture in baby and children’s clothing. We, brothers and sister Geert, Jo (Yo!), Marianne and Pol, make high-quality children’s clothing with West-Flemish ingenuity and passion.

Misters and princesses in their GYMP outfit

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